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Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
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  Through words and actions being a role model for others to follow The ability to identify with someone else when choosing our own actions and words Behaviors that positively exemplify school expectations Commitment to a common purpose


Be respectful

Put garbage in bins

Avoid congregating in the hallways

Walk safely with a purpose

Greet others

Be helpful

Wear a mask

Social distance when possible

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Use indoor voice

Sanitize hands before transitioning

Wear a mask

Walk on the right-hand side of the hallway

Watch where you are walking


Be ready to learn

Put forth best effort at all times

Be honest

Make safe choices

Consider others

Use kind words and actions

Encourage others

Be helpful

Wear a mask

Maintain tidy work spaces and cubbies

Maintain social distance

Be an effective listener

Respect space and property of others

Use devices as a tool not a toy

Accept responsibility for actions

Try your best

Be accountable

Be proactive

Be here…be ready

Keep to assigned work areas

Report concerns

Be prompt to and from

Leave devices in the classroom

1 student at a time during class time 

Always flush

Turn off taps

Always wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap

Wear a mask

Graffiti free

Hands and feet to self

Use quiet voice

Leave lights on

Vape/smoke/drug free space

Keep space clean

Put garbage in the garbage can

Adhere to capacity signage

Library Utilize virtual checkouts

Use quiet voice

Treat all resources carefully

Respect others

Wear a mask

Maintain social distance

Push in chairs

Sanitize the area you have used

Keep food and drinks out of this area

Return your assigned texts

Return books on time


Use equipment properly

Always try your best

Be a good sport

Include everyone

Help others

Wear a mask unless doing strenuous activity.

Respect Equipment

Clean up and sanitize equipment


Bring proper gym attire

Be on time

Challenge yourself
Home Ec. Lab


Always do your best

Include everyone

Work with others

Wear a mask

Social distance

Wash your hands

Use equipment properly

Put items away

Hands and feet to yourself

Be aware of surroundings

Clean up after yourself

Be prompt coming and going from recess

Report problems to supervisor in a timely manner

Play fair - Play safe

Store masks in student assigned drawer (Gr 5-7)

Hand sanitize when re-entering the school

Bring in equipment

Put trash in trash can

Maintain social distancing

Avoid all physical contact

Dress appropriately for weather

Remember:  “It’s just a game”


Wait your turn

Office meetings by appointment only 


Hand all forms in on time

Wear a mask

Stay behind plexiglass


Be prompt when stopping at the office

Office printer is off limits to students


If you have questions, check with the office


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